The (PET) Modular Construction System


A new (award-winning) construction system to help solve the worlds housing problem

We are soon two decades into the 21 century, and one has to admit that in spite of the scientific progress and the economic boom that has occurred, all the contemporary demographic studies show that due to global warming, migration, political or climatic refugees, and the actual situation of poverty, the global housing problem will be worsening in the coming years. In fact, this is the main preoccupation for the development agencies as it is assessed that housing is the foundation on which one can give rise to the development of hygiene, epidemiology, health, education, and justice, it is the pillar of society and economy.

We will not be able to face in a sustainable manner the scale of the housing necessity with our traditional building materials, deforestation is already a sever issue, and sand used to produce concrete is already rare, the situation is urgently obliging us to create, to find new eco-friendly building materials. This awareness has conducted my search to invent and/or to point out a possible solution, the recognition that, for decades around the world, the underprivileged have also with their limited means found inventive ways for their problem, there has been numerous spontaneous experiences based on the reusing of “PET” bottles to build homes, some of which quite successful, although not enduring. Those observations lead me to develop the following concept.

The Ustinov Construction System was awarded with the Prize of the international Federation of Inventor's Associations (IFIA) for the "BEST INVENTION"